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Handyman Services
Home and office maintenance services. Improvement handyman services. Broad range of small-to-medium jobs done. learn more
Furniture Assembly
On-site furniture assembly service at your home or office. I work with all popular brands. learn more
Small Moves
Punctual small commercial and residential moves with Mitsubishi Express van 2×1.5×1.2m/6.5×4.9×3.9ft (L W H)
Rubbish Removal
Unwanted commercial and household items disposal and recycling. No green waste, no construction rubbish, no bio waste accepted. Same vehicle.
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No call out and depot fees.

Handyman Services
Min-charge — one hour. TV mount 1.5-2h, wall repair 2h, etc. Call for a quote.
Furniture Assembly
Bunk bed 2-3h, wardrobe 2-3h, dining set 1-2h, standard bed frame 1.5h
Small move
Minimum charge — one hour. No bulky-heavy items. Brisbane local.
Rubbish Removal
tip run
Price per a van load to a nearest BCC resource recovery centre.

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